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Ag Environmental Products, LLC (AEP), a subsidiary of Ag Processing Inc. (AGP), was formed to research, develop and market products derived from vegetable oils. SoyGold is the brand name for a family of soy methyl ester (soybean and canola) -based products used in the fuel and chemical industries. AEP s parent company, AGP, is the world s largest cooperative soybean processing company owned by more than 250,000 American soybean producers.

SoyGold is the brand name for a family of soy methyl ester (soybean and canola) -based products used in the fuel and chemical industries. SoyGold is a 100% soybean oil based methyl ester. It is added as a lubricity component in diesel fuel, is an effective solvent, and can be used as a diesel fuel. SoyGold offers significant environmental, regulatory, and safety benefits as compared to petroleum solvents and fuels.

SoyGold is produced at AGP's state-of-the-art plants in Algona, Iowa, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa and St. Joseph, Missouri. They have the capacity to produce 120 million gallons of product annually.

Company Structure
Ag Processing Inc., headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is the largest cooperatively owned soybean processing company in the world. Since its formation in 1983, AGP has been committed to the success of its more than 250,000 North American soybean growers. Today those growers are represented through 184 local cooperatives and five regional cooperatives in 16 states and Canada.

Ag Processing Inc. promotes the welfare of farmer-producers and enriches the lives of people throughout the community, the nation, and the world as a partner in food production. AGP s mission is to serve local cooperatives and their farmer-owners by performing the primary business functions of acquisition, processing, and marketing of agricultural products.

Ag Processing Inc:

Processes more than 16,000 acres of soybeans every day of the year
Is a leading supplier of refined vegetable oil in the United States
Is a leader in the development and marketing of added-value products derived from refined vegetable oils
AGP markets and distributes its refined oil fuel and chemical products through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ag Environmental Products, LLC.

Ag Processing Inc. is committed to providing a competitive outlet for members products while generating levels of profitability capable of sustaining long-term growth of the company.