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The Shortening Shuttle® /Worcester Industrial Products Corporation

For over 23 years, The Shortening Shuttles® have been providing a safe efficient means of transporting waste cooking oil from the kitchen to the waste container. As restaurateurs become more aware of recycling and ‘going green’ they are turning to Renderers and the Bio Diesel sector to help them achieve their goal.

What is a Shortening Shuttle®?

The Shortening Shuttles® are made from high quality aluminum. Designed with a ‘safety first’ attitude, they are equipped with safety baffle screens to help prevent accidental spills as well as heavy duty wheels, capable of standing up to the heaviest ‘parking lot’ wear. They carry a one year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

What Shortening Shuttles® Do?

The Shortening Shuttles® help waste recycling crews to empty the oil in a forty (40)lb. to ninety (90)lb. capacity fryer with just one(1) safe trip without the danger of Hot Oil splashes from open buckets of 100 to 300F Hot oil (Ouch! Skin burns at 120F.).

Transporting HOT Waste Oil via open pots or buckets is dangerous and time consuming. Time is money and your next stop is 20 minutes away. Just lay the The Shortening Shuttle® under the drain, empty the fryer, roll out to the dumpster and you’ve emptied one fryer quickly and safely. You’re on your way to your next stop before you know it. Whether you decided to equip your crews with Shortening Shuttles® or distribute them to your customers to use with your service, the durability and quality of the Shortening Shuttles® is something you will be able to depend upon.