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The formation of R. W. HEIDEN ASSOCIATES was an outgrowth of the founder's stand for highly accurate and meaningful laboratory results to support engineering and development projects. While working in industry and as a student he often found that various "standard methods" fell short of requirements and that the execution of procedures by laboratories was frequently less than complete, leading to misguided decisions and erroneous conclusions. R. W. Heiden Associates was started in 1987 to provide services that augment or supersede those already available.

Three things you should know about our company.

First, we are practical, down-to-earth chemical system consultants, not "blue sky" theorists. We take pride in the relationships we establish with our clients, and work with them to understand their work environment so that we know the solutions we choose fit.

Second, we are experts in chemical measurement science and technology and have countless successful experiences solving chemical mysteries in a variety of scenarios. We investigate chemical systems, i.e. processes, materials and formulations, determine the important system variables, then design experimentation and/or measurement strategies that meets the sometimes exceptional demands of the matrix mixture on the reliability of conventional analysis procedures and techniques, to produce meaningful data. Of course, it isn't always that complicated, and in our work we seek to find the best solution to fit your needs.

Third, Dr. Richard W. Heiden, owner, and Ph.D. analytical chemist, has practiced his specialty for over 30 years in industry and as a consultant to industry and commerce. He is known for bringing creative applications of chemical principles and management skills to solve a broad range of technical challenges.

Dr. Heiden personally designs or directly supervises the technical aspects of the company's work and augments his skills as required with scientists and engineers, each with their own highly specialized abilities. Over the years he has partnered with numerous business entities and individuals to provide his clients with the best possible technological solution.