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Petroleum and Biofuel Test Instruments From The Best Names In The Business
Some of the properties measured by our instruments include Setaflash Flash Point, Pensky Martens Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup Flash Point, Smoke Point and Sustained Burning, Vapor pressure, Distillation, Viscosity, Cold flow and freezing point, Hardening and softening, Penetration, Oxidation, Corrosion and Rust, Particulates, residues and composition, Tribology and bearing lubrication, Foaming, air release and emulsification, Separation and evaporation, Centrifuge equipment, Cetane, Color, Conductivity and insulation, Tank sampling and gauging, Temperature and fluid density, General laboratory equipment, Calibration and verification and Reference materials and standards.

Our instruments and equipment conform with all ASTM Methods where applicable and you will find a handy cross reference to ASTM Methods on our “Test Properties” page. Many of these are referenced in material specifications such as D975 for Diesel, D6751 for Biodiesel, D1655 for Aviation turbine Fuel, D4814 for Gasoline, D910 for Aviation Gasoline, as well as the equivalent IP specifications and ISO8217 for Fuel Oil.