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Westway Feed Products is the prominent manufacturer and distributor of liquid animal feed supplements and a leading provider of bulk liquid storage and related value-added services. Westway operates an extensive global network of operating facilities providing liquid feed supplement production,custom blending and bulk liquid storage capacity.

The bulk liquid storage business is a global business with an infrastructure that includes a network of terminals offering storage to manufacturers and consumers of agricultural and industrial liquids, located at key ports and terminal locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The liquid feed supplements business produces liquid animal feed supplements that are sold directly to end users and feed manufacturers, primarily supplying the beef and dairy livestock industries. By using formulation processes tailored specifically to the needs of its customers, Westway blends molasses and essential nutrients to form feed rations that help to maximize the genetic potential of livestock.

The liquid feed supplements and bulk liquid storage businesses benefit from synergies including co-location of facilities, enhanced raw material supply logistics for liquid feed supplements and increased operational efficiency resulting from cross-business knowledge exchange.

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