Sindie Turn-Key

Sindie Turn-Key from X-Ray Optical Systems Inc.

Company Profile
The Sindie Turn-Key System is a fully integrated, environmentally tolerant industrial grade process sulfur analyzer with breakthrough detection capability for monitoring fuel streams as exacting as ultra low sulfur diesel, gasoline and process streams. This process analyzer presents the ultimate solution for pipelines, terminals and other installations, where measurement speed and reliability are essential. The breakthrough Monochromatic Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence technique offers a Limit Of Detection (LOD) of 0.6 ppm, and a dynamic range of 3000 ppm. This direct and nondestructive measurement technique does not require sample conversion or consumable gases and avoids high temperature operations. The result: a robust process analyzer with minimal maintenance and unprecedented detection capability and measurement speed.

The main features of the Sindie Turn-Key analyzer include:

* Fully Integrated – On-Line Sulfur Analysis Solution — includes shelter, sample management and purge air supply
* Pre-engineered for rapid installation, robust operation & optimal results
* Continuous sulfur measurement — truly on-line (not “at-line”)
* Total sulfur by MWD-XRF – D 7039 “direct” measurement — no sample injection or combustion involved.
* Designed for terminals and pipelines


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